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 I want to inspire those living with food restrictions to try new ingredients and not to think they have to be boring with their food/drinks. There is so much choice out there and it is great fun trying new things and experimenting with ingredients. I don’t measure quantities unless baking so my posts will generally not have the specifics – Play with your food! Discover for yourself what you like and don’t like and use my posts as inspiration…

December 2013 I received blood results confirming my extensive list of food/drink intolerances. I was tested not because I had symptoms I was aware of but because it was recommended by medical staff concerned of a potential hereditary condition that is still not yet diagnosed. It was recommended I eliminate my list of foods/drink from my day to day diet as a precaution for potential severe symptoms later on in life.

I found the diagnosis hard initially to come to terms with as it meant I was unable to drink my favourite cocktails, eat chocolate or a toasted hot cross bun! I immediately homed in on what I could no longer consume and was blind to the huge list of things I was still able to have.

I’ve always enjoyed cooking/baking and was bought up in a house hold where food and checking ingredients on packaging was a big deal. My brother has Phenylketonuria (PKU); a rare genetic condition that's present from birth. The body is unable to break down a substance called phenylalanine which builds up in the blood and brain and can cause brain damage. In a nut shell he is not allowed to eat very much protein. This is not connected in any way to food intolerances. Once I had gone through the phase of having tantrums in the supermarket over no longer being able eat what I want I realised this is something my brother has always had to deal with and it wasn’t so hard once you got used to it! I guess my brother inspired me; He has not only coped but embraced his condition. He cooks, bakes, manages a facebook support group, writes a blog and demos recipes in vlogs. If he can do it, so can I rite?! So I decided to sort myself out, do some research, dig out recipes and start experimenting…

I’ve never looked back!