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This is creamy and indulgent and It never makes me ill. WIN.

This was one meal I loved that never loved me… even though it always made me ill I never realised it was because of my vast intolerances.

My Refreshing Green Juice

You will need a blender of some kind.

I made this when I was dehydrated and craving something refreshing. I often find myself in a dehydrated state as I don't drink nearly enough water… This is a good kick start to feeling great again!

BBQ Nacho Feast!

Add in any extras you fancy.. this is just a few bits i like together!

I love rustling this up if I have a friend over for dinner - A tasty nacho alternative with all the trimmings

Noodle Jars - Tomato and Basil

You can mix it up and add whatever it is that you fancy! These were taken to Southsea Food Festival in the summer of 2016 where I made them for many others who seemed to love the alternative healthy meal.

Such a great lunch idea to take into work with you. Simple, healthy and full of flavour.

Rocky Road

Such a simple recipe with ingredients you can play with and adapt to suit you and your dietry requirements.

Rocky Road has become a part of the 'Try it, Buy it, Bake it' range - This means you can make it at home with the prepared mix available from #ForcedToBeFussy at trade shows and markets!